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Vietnamese_home_decor__giftsVIETRADE - With cultural origins  that  trace back  thousands of years, Vietnam has been amazing the global markets for elegant home décor, gifts and home accessories. Known for the variety of handicraft articles and highly skilled craftsmanship, traditional craft village  products  such  as  artistic  ceramics,  lacquer  and  woodenwares,  silk, embroidery, brassware, bamboo and rattan products are popular throughout the world for their unique cultural characteristics and diversified designs.


Vietnam is also really a  leader  in woodworking, Vietnamese  furniture goes beyond high quality and  also  come  up with  some  unique  details  and  decorations,  such  as  that  of eggshells,  lacquer, and carvings. These  features help set Vietnam as different  from other competing countries with  low  labor cost and similar products.

Creating a beautiful home is important to all of us, which is why this publication takes you on a journey to see variety of home décor and gifts including tabletop, furniture,  home  textiles,  gifts  and  ethnic  items,  garden  accessories,  personal accessories and everything you could need  to entertain  in style.   Although best efforts have been made  to give our  readers a publication of  the highest quality, some  imperfections  and  inaccuracies  may  have  escaped  our  attention.  We therefore  welcome  comments  and  corrections  from  readers  and  will  highly appreciate any contribution  that can help us  improve our upcoming editions.

We also wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Vietnam Handicraft Exporters Association  (VIETCRAFT)  and  Vietnam  Handicraft  Research  and  Promotion Center  (HRPC)  for coordinating and assisting us  in publishing  this book.

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