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Investment opportunities in Mineral exploitation PDF Print
Sunday, 30 October 2011 14:45

VIETRADE - Vietnam has abundant and diverse mineral resources, including oil, gas, coal, apatite, iron, tin, and mineral water. Since 1955, Vietnamese geologists have explored and discovered more than 5,000 deposits that would serve needs of construction, pottery, porcelain and glass etc industries.

Mining is important role for Vietnam’s national economic development, especially in the early stage of industrialization. After all, it fuels other processing and energy industries as well as exports.

Although mining has only recently received development investment, it’s output is increasing annually at 16%. Plan for development targets and objectives: In the next decade of national industrial development, Vietnam will prioritize developing industries relating to mineral resources such as electricity, metallurgy, chemicals, fertilizer and construction materials.

The mining industry is facing shortcomings in technology, production scale, labor effciency, research, management and investment. Thus at frst, the country will complete legal and administrative procedures to attract more domestic and foreign investment, to accelerate changing state-owned companies to private status, and to modernize technology.

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