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Lam Dong Province Economic Zones And Clusters - Part 2
Industrial_park_in_Lam_Dong_-_Da_RsalVIETRADE - 7. Loc Phat IC Location: Bao Loc City, Lam Dong Province. Total planned area: 53ha of which 18ha is for build- ing plants, 2ha for an operations’ center and public service, 1ha for building technical infrastructure, 6ha for transportation, and 66ha for planting trees.  The occupancy rat…

Lam Dong Province Economic Zones And Clusters - Part 1
Industrial_park_in_Lam_Dong_1VIETRADE - Lam Dong has 3 industrial zones (IZ) and 14 indus- trial clusters (IC) of which 12 ICs are approved to build infrastructure with total investment capital of 958 billion VND on an area of 663ha. In 2010, there were 16 new projects registered totaling 83 projects of which 53 proj- ects were…

Orientation to attract FDI to the Southeast (Part 2)

VIETRADE - Particular measures to attract FDI to the Southeast
- Orientate  the localities  in decisions  of  economic   development  which may influence the entire region.  Propose measures  and policies  of  typical  features   for  the Region  to  attract  the  FDI  efficiently. Establish consultant com- mittee to the localities in the region; classify projects in term of priority for the key investment project and highly feasible, effective and large-scaled  ones  in  compliance  with master plan. If the investment projects meet any regime problems and obstacles in construction and operation process  and  the  relation  between the localities, the committee will consider and review the problems  and  propose  punctual  solutions.

Orientation to attract FDI to the Southeast (Part 1)
khu_cong_nghiepVIETRADE - In 2012, the Southeast of Vietnam remains  the  first position in FDI attraction. The fact that the localities  in  the  regions  have  restricted acceptance for the projects causing  environmental  pollution, carrying  low  technological  value whereas attracted the hi-tech ones, elimina…

The Development of Economic Zones, Industrial Parks in Thanh Hoa
logo_cucVIETRADE - As planned to 2020, besides Nghi Son Economic Zone, Thanh Hoa will establish 10 concentrated industrial parks. At present, there have 5 economic zones and industrial parks been established. These are:


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