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VIETRADE - For two years in a row, Vietnamese tea producers have successfully competed and received top awards for their premium products in the North America Tea Association annual competition.  This September, Tan Cuong Hoang Binh Tea received the 2017 Overall Award with its submission.  Last year Phu Ho Farm (Future Generation) received the Vietnam 2016 Gold Medal for its Delicate Jasmine; Ha Thai Tea, the Vietnam 2016 Silver Medal for its Blooming Buds (Pure First Flush Green Tea.)


These awards reflect highly on the hard work by the three companies to prepare top quality samples for the competitions.  It also reflects well on the hard work and strong support provided by Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency, Ministry of Industry and Trade (VIETRADE) to a target group of small Vietnamese Tea Producers through its Swiss-funded technical assistance program “Decentralized Support Services to Vietnamese SME Exporters.” Through the program, VIETRADE has provided hands-on support to a small group of tea producers to develop a rigorous and sophisticated approach to export business development that focuses on all key steps including market research, export market strategy formulation, product development, standards and SPS requirements, as well as sales promotion and branding.  The overall market strategy for the group has been to target premium tea markets which are experiencing fast growing demand from “Millennials” (generation born post 1990) in high-spending markets such as the US, EU, Australia, Japan and also emerging developing markets such as China.


On 2nd November 2017, VIETRADE in cooperation with the People Committee of Thai Nguyen organize the Honour Event in Thai Nguyen for Tan Cuong Hoang Binh company, who has won the Overall Prize in the 2017 North America Tea Competition. This honorable award is proundly recoginzed for the special premium tea of Vietnam in the high-end market segments of North America.

Picture: The General Director of Tan Cuong Hoang Binh, Do Thi Duc Ly, received the Certificate of Merit from the People Committee of Thai Nguyen


Following an in-depth audit process conducted in 2015 to identify best candidates for the program, VIETRADE’s tea sector team has accompanied the select group of tea producers every step of the way.  Its support has included technical workshops, training courses, review of individual company strategies, as well as participation to trade fair and trade mission to help the companies understand better consumer demand in premium markets, the need to adapt their product offering through product development, the selection of top products for submission to the competitions (including with support from a Certified Tea Master well-versed in the premium market segment to select samples for submission to the competitions) as well as individual brand development.


In addition to their successful participation to the Krakow Trade Fair in 2016 as a result of which several contracts were developed, VIETRADE took the group of companies to a market testing mission to New York and Toronto in March 2017.  Samples from the two 2016 winners were used to showcase to US and Canadian buyers what can be produced by Vietnamese Premium Tea producers.  The mission was very successful in changing buyers’ perception in the two countries as they came out surprised and impressed with the ability of selected Vietnamese producers to produce Premium Teas.  Subsequently, some of the buyers met during the mission have indicated their desire to look into placing orders for Vietnamese premium tea.


Successful entry into the North American Premium Tea Market will require focused and steady attention of Vietnamese producers on sustaining high quality as well as sharpening their company and product message to speak a “product language” that is highly specific to the Premium Tea segment in growing markets.  The companies are well aware of those challenges.  VIETRADE is committed to finding new support resources to continue and help Vietnamese tea producers to progress on their path to success.

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