5 breakthroughs on socio – economic development of Da Nang city (Part 1) Print
Tuesday, 01 October 2013 10:35

VIETRADE - Da Nang City has implemented the 5-year plan of socio-economic development 2006-2010 in the context that the global financial crisis and economic depression were strongly affecting production, growth rate of some industries, fields and people’s life, together with bad weather conditions. However, the city has done its best to improve the investment environment, to reform the administrative formalities, to create favorable conditions for all the economic sectors and people to overcome difficulties; successfully implementing policies on the exploitation of land fund for the infrastructural building; the urban infrastructure has synchronously been developed changing the look of the city towards civilization, modernization; the progress of key works have been sped up; the compensation, clearance, and resettlement have been implemented on a large scale but have been under control; the socio-cultural fields have continuously been invested and developed; the programs of “the city of 5 no’s,” “the city of 3 yes’s,” and the project of “Building Da Nang–Environment city” have gained positive results. The policies on social welfare have also been implemented gaining much trust and support from the people.


Considering that the national and international situations may strongly affect the development targets of the city, the 20th Da Nang City Party Cell Congress has promulgated the targets of “Continuing to speed up the renovation work, enhancing the leading and struggle capacity of the Party Cell, keeping the political stableness, promoting democracy and the power of the national unity, developing economy rapidly and firmly; building Da Nang into a big city of the country, a socioeconomic center of the Central playing the role of a service center, a seaport city, an important traffic hub for national and international transshipment; a center for post-telecommunications, finance and banking; a center for health, culture, sports, education, training, science, technology; a center for training high quality human resources; an area holding an important position of national defense and security of the Central and the country creating foundation to build Da Nang into an industrial city by 2020,” striving for the GDP growth rate to reach 13.5-14.5%/year; by 2015, per capita GDP will be US$3,200; the economic structure continues to move towards “services-industry-agriculture” with the density as follows: 54.2% of services, 43.8% of industry- construction, and 2.0% of agriculture by 2012; the total invested capital in the area will increase by 15- 16%/year; creating jobs for about 32-34 thousand laborers/ year; reducing poor households rate to 0% (according to new criterion of the city). In order to mobilize all resources, potentialities, and competitive advantages to ensure implementing successfully the above targets, the city has promulgated 5 following breakthroughs:




One, developing service industries, especially tourist and commercial services

Focusing on developing services, gradually building Da Nang into a big services center of the country; concentrating to such main industries as tourism, commerce, finance-banking-insurance-credit, transportation-warehouse-port services, information technology, movables and immovables, consultancy service, science-technology, health-education-training, etc. in order to create favorable conditions for the service section to have a higher growth rate than the production sector and the GDP growth rate in the following years; developing tourism into a key economy with such key projects as: completing the Ba Na-Suoi Mo Eco-tourist area, building the international complex in Van Village, Son Tra Peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son Cultural Park; speeding up the progress of coastal projects, highgrade convalescence areas; building diversified largescale recreational areas; enhancing the stature of Quan The Am Festival and the quality of international fireworks festivals; strongly developing convalescence tourism and mission tourism; associating with localities in the region in the direction of defining major products, key markets; building strong stimulus programs with long-term and synchronous promotion and marketing strategies; speeding up the training and developing high-quality human resources in tourist industry; enhancing state management on tourism.


Building the city into a hub for transit, transshipment, and exchange of goods and services of the Central; implementing well the function of a bridge between production and consumption; strengthening coordination with the provinces of Quang Nam, Thua Thien-Hue and the coastal provinces of the Central and provinces of the Central Highlands, organizing effectively the festivals, strengthening the promotion and exploitation of the “Central Heritage Road” to attract tourists to Da Nang and the Central; continuing to build the trade technical facilities towards civilization and modernization; quickly forming big commercial centers and shopping malls to serve the requirements of the people and visitors; diversely developing the goods distribution system, such as: warehouse, supermarket, convenience store and step by step approaching to e-commerce, non-cash payment; reorganizing the retail network, re-building markets as planned; striving for the total retail sales of goods and services to increase by 20-21%/year; focusing on expanding the domestic market; encouraging the people to give priority to using domestically produced goods; supporting domestic enterprises to develop and expanding the retail market; encouraging the production and boosting export; increasing the proportion of exported processed products; reducing the export of raw materials and processed products; striving to increase the turnover of exported of goods and services by 16-17%/year. (to be continued)

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